Dagobert's Revenge

The Autumns

Winter In A Silver Box

review by James P. Bergman

4 songs totalling 38 minutes or so of dreamy and lush shoegaze-like narcotic musick of the finest form and caliber. This reminded me of an obscure band named Bark Psychosis from the early 90’s, as well as the Verve’s, “A Storm In Heaven”, before they got all bittersweet on us. Ethereal, but not in a darkwave sense. This is the sound of heaven. The sound of drifting amongst the aethers and all the places that take wings to visit. Deceptively simple-sounding, yet complicated in construct. Intensely long string/synth washes that pour over you like cool water combine with gently picked acoustic guitars, lightly tapped drums and choirs of earthbound angels. Soundscapes from some other stratosphere that will lull you into blissful feelings. A perfect release for amorous moments with your favorite angel, or as a soundtrack that will coax you into dream-filled slumber.

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