Push Kara

review by Ellis Darwin Windlestraw

Thereís no way that I can sum up what Push Kara is all about in this limited of a space, but I will say that this release is amazing in itís own way. In a nutshell, Push Kara is a concept straight out of The Bardo Theol, which is commonly known as, The Tibetan Book Of The Dead. There are six total states or bardos, and together they make up the total and complete human experience. Push Kara is the denomination used to describe the totality of these six states. There are a total of six tracks on this release, and guess what? Each track corresponds to an intermediate state or bardo (life, dream, transe, death, existence, and reality). All six tracks are what you could term, ritualistic musick, and again, itís hard to completely describe their totality in this space, but I did find this to be an interesting release. Despite the discís Eastern-inspired philosophies, the musick does not seem to reflect an Oriental style, but more of a pan-global sound that is hard to nail down to one particular geographical area. Very meditative, subdued, and relaxed musick for those more introspective times in your life. I often put this on repeat before I retire for the night, and I find that the musick colors my dreams like no other can or has. While I am not a Buddhist, I have always been fascinated by this discipline, and I would imagine that a real Buddhist would find this musick to be quite to their liking. Anyone else interested in mellow shamanistic trance musick that will act as your passport to the inner and outer states of this totality, that we call life, will be sure to find this to their liking also.

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