Windham Hell


Reflective Depths Imbibe

review by James P. Bergman

Opening with the sounds of backwards guitars, this release manages to continue messing with your mind throughout. Unlike anything that I have ever heard before. This is not the sound of typical metal, in fact, it is the sound of serious experimental metal. Kinda like a strange jazz-metal-avant garde monster hybrid. Somewhat classically based and baroque in nature, yet not at all familiar in overall sound when you try to compare it with other metal acts. I imagine that if some of yesteryear’s classical composers lived in today’s age that this is the type of musick that they would make. Hard to define completely, and sometimes in spots it is hard to listen to, but ultimately the challenge is worth it. Nice to hear a metal release that challenges conventions and formulas as to what exactly makes metal musick metal. The cover picture says it all, one big skyscraper of screaming and powerful metallic rock. This is rock with a capital R that manages to stay refreshing and artistic at the same time.

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