Dagobert's Revenge

Stone Breath

Lanterna Lucis Viriditatis

review by James P. Bergman

Finally, an American inclusion into the apocalyptic folk genre that does not pale in comparison to its European counterparts, and a recording that Stone Breath should be proud of. Timothy Renner writes songs like a true-born troubadour and lyrics like some sort of a modern day William Blake, crafting them into gentle, yet jarring compositions that equal no other. I’ve long been a fan of Current 93’s David Tibet, and Renner seems like an American version. Acoustic guitar that sounds folk, but not like beatnik or hippy folk, but like the musick that one must have heard at the formation of the American nation. Bluegrass sounding Banjos, whistles, flutes, dumbeks, dulcimer, catfish guitar, and harmonium all lend a uniqueness to this recording that stands out amongst the crowd, evoking a time when studios, filters, and electricity were not needed to make finely crafted musick. Lyrically, this makes one wonder if the Templar tradition does not swim deeply within the veins of Renner and his ancestors with songs about Saint John the Baptist and Salome, not to mention the tune named, “The Red Crossed Knight”. Plus, there are other occult tinged tunes, with titles like: “The Way Of Green Osiris” , and “Moongazer”, which features the following lyrical fare:

“Moongazer - Lucifer - Lightbringer,
Heavenly Black Madonna,
Pale Moonlight Through The Night - Incense rise - Through The Mists Of Your Wisdom”
All in all, I’m only bored by one song on this, “John Barleycorn”, and that is only due to the fact that I’ve heard so many other folks cover this traditional that it sort of has lost it’s appeal. Which is something that Stone Breath does not do, if anything they are a highly original band breathing life into a genre that sometimes is guilty of following formula as much as any other style of musick, and for that they get all the kudos in the world from me for such an enjoyable release that I will surely be playing for years to come.

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Glenville, PA 17329-0131

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