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Happy St Dagobert's Day!

A search feature was added. Now you can search for topics on the DR site.


The articles The Occult World of René Guénon by William Kennedy andThe Rennes-le-Chateau Mystery A recent interview with Tracy Twyman for the Occulture Festival were added.12/16/01

The articles Where the Heart Lies: The Legacy of the Templars by Leonard Howlett and Infernal Initiations: The Role of the Fallen and the Balance of Good and Evil by Vadge Moore were added.11/23/01

The St. Dagobert's Day Special Offer is now available:
You get: A 2-year subscription to Dagobert's Revenge, Mystery, Babylon the Great - a one hour interview with Boyd Rice and Tracy Twyman on 1 CD, The Rule of the Iron Scepter - A special report by Tracy Twyman about current events and Biblical Prophecy available only through this special offer, and I TEGO ARCANA DEI- the DR Video as a bonus for our internet customers. All of this for one discounted price. Click here for all the details.

The NEW VIDEO is now for sale:
I Tego Arcana Dei: The Dagobert's Revenge Compilation Video
“Le Serpent Rouge” and “The Signs and Signals of Freemasonry”

Two black and white 16mm short films directed by Tracy Twyman.
“Atlantis and the Merovingian Grail Blood”
A lecture by Tracy Twyman.
“The Merovingian Master Plan”
Live 1 hour television interview with Tracy Twyman. (1999)
plus: Exclusive never seen before footage of Tracy Twyman and Boyd Rice’s trip to Rennes-le-Chateau for Fox TV.And bonus footage on Templars, Assasins, Freemasons, Jack parsons, and the geometry of Washington DC.
Check the Order page for more information.

Don't forget that Tracy Twyman will be on "The X-Zone" radio show tonight!09/05/01

Tracy Twyman will be on the X-Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell on Thursday, September 6th from 2am - 4am eastern. on The Liberty Works Radio Network. The show is broadcast throughout the United States and Canada. Check out the their website for a list of affiliate radio stations in your area: Or listen live online at:

TALK TO ROB McCONNELL WHILE ON THE AIR ... 1-888-999-1787 Toll Free.


For all those who missed it, you can listen to the archive of Tracy and Boyd's appearance on Coast to Coast AM with Ian Punnett. I think it will be there for about a month. The second guest is the author of The Templars and the Assassins: The Militia of Heaven, James Wasserman.

The Bookstore is now back and with a new look, more will be added soon.


We are now taking orders for the new issue, vol.4 #1, of Dagobert's Revenge.

Tracy Twyman and Boyd Rice will be on Coast to Coast AM with Ian Punnet again this Sunday/Monday at 10pm Pacific time.

The Bookstore is almost finished and should be completed within the next few days.


We have established the new home office in Denver, CO. All of the DR audio cassettes are now available in CD format only. Check the ordering page for details.07/11/01

The articles: Brotherhood of the Bell (Black Arts and Black Sciences), The Hidden Evil Agenda, Catch A Falling Star, The Rise of the American Auschwitz 4th Reich Police State and the Banana Republic of Babylon the Great by William Dean Ross, Return of the Kaiser - An interview with Knut Wissenbach by Bill Kennedy, I'm Not Lyin', I'm Sion! An interview with John Paul Pirolli, self-proclaimed leader of the Priory of Sion in the American continents by Tracy R. Tywman, and an interview with Adam Parfrey of Feral House Publishing by James Bergman have been added.06/04/01

The articles: Cocaine Import Agency?, and Thorstein Veblen by Tracy Twyman were added.04/30/01

The articles: Toward the Undivided - Sacred Sex, The Hermaphrodite, and the Dual Nature of God by Boyd Rice, Giordano Bruno: Hermeticist or Chaos Magician? by Ken Ichigawa, and Right Makes Might: Social Darwinism and Divine Right by Sir Hiram Firam were added.04/23/01

The articles: Monarchy: The Primordial Form of Government (And it Basis in the "Lord of the Earth" Concept.) by Tracy R. Twyman, and The Monarchist Plot to Kill Hitler by William Kennedy were added.

Tracy Twyman will be appearing as a guest speaker at two events this Spring/Summer. The first will be the Fortean Society's FortFest 2001 on May 5, in Washington D.C. She will be speaking on "The Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau and its roots in the Ancient Kingdom of Atlantis." Go to their website for ticket information. The second will be at the Occulture Festival in Brighton, England, which runs through June 28, 29, and 30 of 2001. There will be an occult film festival running for one week at Cinematheque to run in tandem with the event. She will be playing her short films Le Serpent Rouge and The Signs and Signals of Freemasonry.


The articles: Ritual Magick, Mind Control, and the UFO Phenomenon part 2 by Adam Gorightly and The Biological Basis of Elitism and "Divine Right" Rule by Edouard de Legionnaire were added as well as an interview with Guy Patton author of Web of Gold by Vivianne Petruveus.04/01/01

The articles: The Cross of Lorraine: Emblem of the Royal Secret by Boyd Rice, Christ, the Templars, and Sex Magick by Vadge Moore,Tracy Twyman and Boyd Rice Go Grail-hunting for Fox TV, and Profiles in Royalty: Good King René by Edouard de Legionnaire have been added with more to come soon.

You can now listen on-line to Tracy Twyman's interview with "Montauk Project" expert Alexandra "Chica" Bruce on The Underground Stream.


You can now purchase "Testimony to the Secret Doctrine" - Tracy Twyman on the Boston radio show 'Expanding Awareness' with Victor Enckus. Check out the order page for details.03/17/01

The Profile in Royalty: Vlad Dracula by Nick de Vere has been added, as well as an Appendix to the article The Celestial Sea and the Ark of Heaven.03/15/01

The articles Kenneth Grant and the Merovingian Mythos by Vadge Moore, Charles Manson and the Underground Stream by Adam Gorightly, and The Mysterious Habsburg Castle by William Kennedy were added. The article: Le Serpent Rouge and the Rennes-le-Chateau Parchments Decoded! by Tracy R. Twyman, is back up after being down for a bit. Also read the newly added Appendix to the articleThe Real Tomb of God: The Grail, The Ark, the Emerald Tablet, and the Forgotten Father of Mankind.

Be sure to catch Tracy Twyman's interview with Prince Michael Stewart, he claims to be the legitimate King of Scotland. Underground Stream.


Be sure to catch the first part of Tracy Twyman's interview with Montauk expert Alexandra "Chica" Bruce on the Underground Stream.03/05/01

Two new articles have been added: Dead But Dreaming: The Great Old Ones of Lovecraftian Legend Reinterpreted as Sumerian/Atlantean Kings, by Tracy R. Twyman (part I | part II) and Europa and the Sea Bull The Missing Link Between Phoenicia and France, by Boyd Rice

A review of Alexandra "Chica" Bruce's book, The Philadelphia Experiment Murder: Parallel Universes and the Physics of Insanity has been added to the in-depth book reviews section of the DR Bookstore.

You can now purchase Boyd Rice and Tracy Twyman's interview with Ian Punnett on Coast to Coast AM Jan. 30th. Visit our Order Page for more details.

Be sure to listen to part two of Tracy's interview with Reverend Col, John Paul Pirolli C.J. - self proclaimed "Leader of the North American Priory of Sion" on The Underground Stream. You can now purchase both parts of the interview on CD


We have a new tape for sale on the order page: "Ancient History of Man" - Boyd Rice and Tracy Twyman on 21st Centruy Radio, Feb. 4th.

Be sure to listen to the first week of The Underground Stream with Tracy Twyman. This week: part one of an interview with self proclaimed "Leader of the North American Priory of Sion" - Reverend Col, John Paul Pirolli C.J.


I have changed the Dagobert's Revenge Mailing List to announce-only.

Tracy Twyman and Boyd Rice were on the Bob Heironimus Show last night.


A new article was added: That Which Has Fallen by Boyd Rice02/02/01

Listen to Boyd and Tracy's appearance on Coast to Coast Am with Ian Punnett. This show will be in their archives for a limited time...

We found a new box of back issue Vol. 3, #1 so order before they're gone.


Tracy Twyman and Boyd Rice will be on Coast to Coast AM with Ian Punnett tonight 10pm -2am pacific. You can listen at their website.

The articles, The Unified Field Theory of Dagobert's Revenge, The Sumerian Origins of the Iconography of the Templars, Masons & Merovingians, Hiram, King of Tyre, and The Prophet have been added.


Tracy Twyman and Boyd Rice will be appearing on Coast to Coast A.M.with Ian Punnett this coming Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, Jan30-31, between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. Eastern time. You can listen onlineor on one of 493 radio stations across the United States and Canada.It will also be in the Coast to Coast archives on the website for aweek. Everyone is encouraged to listen and call in.01/28/01

Tracy Twyman will be on The 'X' Zone Radio Show, 610 CKTB Ontario Canada, Saturday March 4, from 9 - 10 p.m. Eastern. You can listen at their website.01/26/01

A new article has been added The Celestial Sea and the Ark of Heaven

We have a new tape for sale: Priest Kings of the House of Dagon, click here for our ordering page.


Three new articles have been added, "The Merovingian Mythos: It's Symbolic Significance, And its Roots in the Ancient Kingdom of Atlantis", "The Real Tomb of God: The Grail, The Ark, the Emerald Tablet, and the Forgotten Father of Mankind" and "Le Serpent Rouge and the Rennes-le-Chateau Parchments Decoded!" 01/15/01

Listen to Boyd and Tracy's appearance on the Bob Heironimus Show. The archived show will only be available through 01/18/01. Visit the 21st Century Radio site.01/15/01

Tracy Twyman and Boyd Rice will be on the Bob Heironimus Show,Tonight, Thursday the 11th of January, 10 p.m. Eastern. You can listen on-line at the 21st Century Radio website.01/11/01

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